About Phil

Philip was born in the UK and was aware of the spirit world from a very early age.  Early tuition from the renowned international medium Paul Jacobs, at the world famous Arthur Findlay College, left a profound impression on Philip, it opened his mind to how mediumship should be rationally delivered and highlighted the importance of a well-rounded mediumistic education; Paul Jacobs still remains a massive influence on Philips work.

Philip demonstrates with great joy, the intelligence of the Spirit World in the Spiritualist Churches of the United Kingdom and Spiritual Centers in Holland, Finland, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Canada and a variety of venues across America. It is Philips’ belief that a medium’s work should be focused on blending in the essence of the communicator, telling the story of their life, through evidential accurate information, sharing the personality and character being true to the way the communicator wishes to express their emotional and practical evidence. Philip has also willingly taken part in a number of scientific investigations carried out by Universities, using tightly controlled methods.

Philip’s reputation has become global over the last few years, reaching out to the wider audience, Philip is now demonstrating at venues, such as Hotels and Theaters, while being live streamed across the world, through We Don’t Die Films. Philip has vowed to carry on serving the Spiritual churches too, while he has worked on popular radio stations over the years and supported Children’s Charities on media events.