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Private Reading With Medium, Philip Dykes

Different types of readings

Important Information

Unfortunatley Philip is not taking bookings at this moment.


A Private Reading will usually last 30 minutes.

Please note – sessions can be  requested, dependant on availability.

These will be booked through Calendly, and payment is taken by PayPal all in one process, allowing you to choose which date and time convenient to you.

Philip will not except group readings or allow readings to be purchased as a Gift for a others.

Evidential Reading

An Evidential Reading sitting consists of evidence about your loved ones, that you can validate, from objective evidence, to emotional evidence, the personality and character of their very essence, telling their story of life, sharing personal memories and accurate information. The purpose of this type of sitting is to bring you comfort and healing, also to demonstrate the truth that the human soul survives the physical death of the body. It is quite possible your loved one will pass relevant information occurring in your life at the present time, proving they are still watching over you.

Psychic Reading

A Psychic Reading is where the Medium will blend with the emanation of your soul. The soul contains your experiences of life, thoughts, needs and intentions, and by blending in these emanations, the Medium will be able to become aware of the past, alongside the situations you are currently experiencing. The natural qualities of your soul will show your potential in life, these qualities may still be lying dormant, or they may be qualities that you have already successfully manifested. By becoming aware of your life experiences, the natural qualities of your soul and working alongside the Spirit World, this reading will help you understand yourself and encourage you to move forward in your life, not “fortune telling”, but rather giving a clear insight and intention.

Spiritual Assessment

A Spiritual Assessment is to illustrate the strengths, weaknesses, spiritual abilities and soul qualities of life in the individual. This type of sitting is for the individual who is trying to understand their Meduimship or Spiritual ability/awareness, gaining a clear understanding of their ability at the present time and their potential soul quality in their material life, mentally, emotional and physically, not just mediumship. moving forward. In this reading, Philip will work with his soul’s expression and with the Spirit world. This insight helps the individual gain confidence and direction, while improving the individuals understanding to create a stronger blend with the Spirit World and the Spiritualisation of the soul

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