The Science of Feeling Mediumship Course

Understanding the Mental, Emotional and Physical Feelings….

This course is unique and a first of its kind.

“We feel before we think”. This is an intensive course in the world of mental, emotion and physical feelings. You will develop your formal training, practice your mediumship alongside understanding yourself better.

You will take some steps into self, to experience how your own beliefs and understandings impact your mediumship. Its strength is that it combines practical exercises and formal training around the mechanics of mediumship. This will help you follow the story of the evidence, taking a deeper delve into evidential mediumship.

Key Benefits

  • Deepening your evidence.
  • Understanding how to use the evidence.
  • Following the direction and story of the communicator.
  • Understanding the message from the evidence.
  • Building confidence in your ability with Spirit.
  • Training by two Transformational Coaches.

(Coming soon, dates to be announced)

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