The Online Medium Course

A medium should know how to use the correct mechanics of presentation online, such as direction, the relationship underpinned by good factual, objective and personal evidence. There are many factors to an online demonstration.

Philip and Kerry will share with you the fundamental principles of these processes and how to deepen your evidence in order to allow yourself to be in the essence of the communicators story. A good online demonstration of mediumship should emotionally touch the whole audience. They should follow the story of evidence and be captivated in the whole evening presented. Through experience and technique, let Philip & Kerry enhance your knowledge and practical skills with theory, tuition and exercises.

Key Benefits:

  • Improving your presentation skills online.
  • Understanding the Mechanics, as well as the technological aspects.
  • Learning to correctly use the evidence.
  • Telling the story & Message.
  • Handling an online audience.

Course Duration

  • 4 sessions of 120 minutes.

Course Dates

  • Friday 1st May, 6pm – 8pm BST
  • Saturday 2nd May, 6pm – 8pm BST
  • Friday 8th May, 6pm – 8pm BST
  • Saturday 9th May, 6pm – 8pm BST
  • CEST 19.00/EST 13.00/CST 12.00 Midday/MST 11.00/PST 10.00

Course Cost


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