The Observed Session

Learn more and seek more

The observed session is for the dedicated student, who would like to understand how to enrich their mediumistic ability. The sessions are designed to help you whether it’s for a private reading or demonstration.

The constructive feedback highlights what could have been better or what went wrong. Mediumship is not an exact science and it doesn’t have a script. Sometimes being in the essence of the communicator and surrendering to the process can be difficult. Having someone look at your work and approach brings a different perspective. Their insight can help you move forward or stimulate growth of awareness.

With over 20 years’ experience each, Philip and Kerry have learnt through experience and understand how it feels. Let their experience, coaching approach and tuition guide and support you to raise the standard in your work. The Observed Session offers clear, concise and constructive challenge so that you can be supported to grow to new heights.

Key Benefits

  • Deeper understanding of how to improve your mediumistic abilities.
  • Positive critique with examples.
  • Structured format of competences.
  • Diverse media support.
  • Individual feedback.

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