The Accomplished Medium

Saturday and Sunday August 15th &16th 

11am to 4pm (BST) Two – 5 hour sessions

A journey within the subjective and objective faculties of mediumship.  You will find out more about your latent potential and how to use all aspects of your mediumship.  You will gain a further understanding of your souls ability and will also have lots of opportunity for practicing your mediumship.  You will work on deepening your evidence whilst gaining a greater understanding of the psychology of the human mind. Also you will work on increasing your dual awareness to look behind the evidence to share more of the communicators story. 

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  • Eastern USA 6am – 11am,
  • United Kingdom 11am – 4pm,
  • Central Europe 12pm – 5pm,
  • Sydney (Sun & Mon) 8pm – 1am  

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