The Accomplished Medium

The complete program is one of a kind

This complete tuition package is based on 9 core competencies of mental mediumship. It ensures you receive a high standard of formal training on the fundamental principles of mental mediumship. This will allow you to understand your mediumship in demonstrations and private sittings.

This unique and intensive course offers you access to support and training but also observed session work, lectures and tutorials. Learning the 9 competencies, which comprise of 28 sub competencies, will help you move forward with knowledge and conviction. This structured program will offer practical opportunities as well tutorials including home actions between classes. This approach lets the tutor guide, support and challenge you in your development.

You will receive tuition and undertake practical exercises, which will be monitored and supported. You will benefit from a global media support network of students, to share experiences and practice with a clear understanding of proven techniques. This together with observed session work, will take your understanding and development of the mediumship competencies to a new level.

Key Benefits:

  • Weekly tuition.
  • Support Network access.
  • Assessed observed sessions.
  • A Masterclass experience.
  • Free admission to the ‘Let’s Talk Mediumship’ program.
  • Regular communications.
  • Two tutors for the price of one.

(Coming soon, Dates to be announced)

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