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We often find ourselves not doing the things that are either important to us or that makes us happy. In this fast and chaotic world of today, it is not surprising we lose our direction and purpose at times.

This is a common experience, but you can change this. By working with Philip, you can identify what your priorities, dreams and wishes are, and where your potential lies. Then, you and Philip can plan a new path and move in your new direction together. This way, you can succeed and achieve what you once thought was out of reach.

Through a pragmatic but intuitive approach, Philip will provide you with a space to understand and appreciate you, offering that perfect place, to have challenging enquiry and encouragement to assist you push towards achieving your greatest potential.


By working with Philip, he can offer support, build an authentic coaching relationship with you based on trust and honestly to bring about transformational change with compassion and empathy.

Philip utilises his previous experience of management to provide leadership with compassion and heart, engaging a caring approach with positive thinking, mindfulness and meditation, which is influenced by a person centered approach.

If you are ready for change but don’t know where to start, contact Philip to arrange an informal chat. Lets see how he can assist you find your new path and move forward on it.

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