Expect More Online Mediumship Courses Expect More Private Readings Expect More Online Mentorship
Expect More Online Mediumship Courses
Perfect your Development in key areas of your Mediumship
Expect More Private Readings
Spiritual Assessment, Evidential or Psychic
Expect More Online Mentorship
Online 1-1 Bespoke Tuition

Hear from your loved one, look at your life qualities or have a spiritual assessment.

Take your mediumship to the next level with bespoke one to one tuition.

Take a deeper dive into self, get unstuck and learn about your spiritual potential.


International Medium & Tutor

Philip Dykes

As an International Medium and Tutor, Philip’s reputation is acknowledged globally. Sharing spiritual truths and philosophies, whilst demonstrating his mediumship and tutoring. Educating you to the truth of mediumship and reality of the Spirit World

Workshops & Online Courses


I have worked globally and have over twenty years’ experience of mediumship.  Demonstrations, private sitting and tutoring the mechanics of mediumship, through formal training with proven exercises.

Steps to your

Mediumship Development

The Demonstrating Medium

Learn the competencies of a demonstrating medium and how to present your evidence correctly.

The Private Sitting Medium

Learn to move between the psychic and mediumistic abilities of the different private sittings.

The Self Coaching Medium

Learn coaching skills to understand you, get unstuck and learn how to grow and support yourself in the journey of mediumship.

The Support


An online place where a network of students come together. It offers opportunities of practice, further learning forums and community spirit between students.

  • Private Readings
  • Evidential Reading
  • Psychic Reading
  • Mediumship Assessment
  • Recordings

Private Readings


All Readings are 30 minutes, unless a double appointment is booked. All private reading appointments are carried out through Zoom only. Bookings are made easy, choose your own time and pay. Receive e-mails and text messages to remind you. There are three types of readings listed to the right, please click on each for more information.

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Evidential Reading


An evidential sitting consists is evidence about your loved one and their life. From the objective and to emotional evidence you should be able to validate.  The personality and character of their very essence, telling their story of life, Sharing personal memories and accurate information. The purpose of this type of sitting is to bring you comfort and healing, also to demonstrate the truth that the human soul survives the physical death of the body. It is quite possible your loved one will pass relevant information occurring in your life at the present time, proving they still love and watching over you.

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Psychic Reading


A Psychic/Soul sitting is where the medium will blend with the emanation of your soul. The soul contains your experiences of life, thoughts, needs and intentions, and by blending in these emanations, the medium will be able to become aware of the past, alongside the situations you are currently experiencing. The natural qualities of your soul will show your potential in life, these qualities may still be lying dormant, or they may be qualities that you have already successfully manifested. By becoming aware of your life experiences, the natural qualities of your soul and working alongside the Spirit world, the sitting will help you to understand yourself and encourage you to move forward within your life, not fortune telling but giving a clear insight and intention.

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Mediumship Assessment

Spiritual Assessment

A spiritual assessment is to illustrate the strengths, weaknesses and spiritual abilities of the individual. This type of sitting is for the individual who is developing their Mediumship or spiritual ability/awareness, gaining a clear understanding of their ability at the present time and potential moving forward, in this reading Philip will work with the spirit world alongside his soul expression. This insight helps the individual gain confidence and direction, while improving the individuals understanding to create a stronger blend with the Spirit World and the spiritualisation of the soul.

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A private sitting will not automatically be recorded.  Due to GDPR regulations I am not allowed to record without your permission.  A recording will only be made if I am asked in person as the sitting is about to take place.

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